Meet ZChains: Innovating at the Web3 Frontier

Get ready to experience the next big thing in the Web3 universe—ZChains has officially entered the scene!

London, United Kingdom, 13th June 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, ZChains is a state-of-the-art Layer 1 blockchain, boasting a modular, EVM-compatible structure powered by a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. What sets ZChains apart? It’s all in the PoS brilliance, which boosts security, scalability, and decentralisation by choosing validators based on their stake. It reduces risks, supports high transaction volumes, and ensures fast, reliable performance. PoS empowers a diverse group of participants, making security and governance stronger.

Get excited for a new wave of Web3 games, NFTs, and revolutionary decentralised applications (dApps) to be built on ZChains. That’s not all. ZChains is also set to transform decentralised finance with a suite of DeFi apps, from user-friendly wallets to full-fledged exchanges.

Step into the ZChains Ecosystem

ZChains website and soon-to-be-launched mainnet marks a new era of innovation with cutting-edge dApps and revolutionary blockchain solutions.

With ZChain’s EVM compatibility, seamless integration with existing Ethereum-based dApps opens doors to endless possibilities. Alongside its in-house dApps, ZChains offers a robust framework that enables developers to build and drive substantial progress and creativity in the blockchain space. This integration fosters a dynamic environment for growth and innovation, making ZChains a key player in the future of dApps.

One standout dApp within the ZChains ecosystem is Zwap — a streamlined token-swapping platform meticulously designed for simplicity and efficiency. With Zwap, users can swiftly access the required assets, experiencing smooth and effortless transactions.

Continuing the momentum, the ZChains team has incorporated RWA tokenisation into their roadmap, enriching the user experience by offering a seamless platform for creating, launching, and managing tokens. Prioritising accessibility, this intuitive, user-friendly interface is poised to attract a diverse range of projects and investors. As the RWA tokenisation launchpad gains traction, it is expected to elevate the ZChains ecosystem to new heights, solidifying its position as a leader in the decentralised finance space.

ZCD Token: Bridging worlds, fueling innovations

At the core of the vibrant ZChains ecosystem lies its native token, ZCD. With a total supply of 15 billion ZCD, this token fuels transactions, powers interactions, and serves as a medium of exchange and payment method for gas fees within the ecosystem.

A significant portion of the ZCD supply, 10 billion tokens, is earmarked for CEX allocation, ensuring widespread accessibility and liquidity across established exchanges. The remaining tokens are strategically allocated to marketing, foundation initiatives, and team holdings, laying the foundation for the ecosystem’s sustainable growth.

With its unique tokenomics, the ZCD ecosystem aims to bridge the gap between in-game and real-world economies, offering users a truly unique and immersive experience.

But ZCD is not just a utility; it’s a golden opportunity. With its own intrinsic value, ZCD is primed to make waves as it holds the potential to grow and perform well in the broader market.

Excitingly, ZCD will hit the market soon, and you’ll have the chance to grab it from a range of established exchanges that will be announced shortly. Keep an eye on our community platform for updates to ensure you don’t miss out!

We can’t wait to see how ZChains will shake up the market and leave a lasting impression on the world, propelled by their commitment to limitless possibilities.

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