WorldShards shares first sale results

On February 15th Lowkick Studio and Open Loot platform held the developer sale of in-game goods for the upcoming life sim sandbox MMORPG WorldShards.

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 17th February 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, During the sale, players had the opportunity to purchase 3000 items including keys granting access to the game, or three tiers of Founders’ islands that will provide access to the WorldShards’ EA phase while simultaneously giving players a unique home location.

According to the data provided by Open Loot, all of the aforementioned items were sold out in mere 120 seconds! Lowkick Studio announced that there were more than a thousand players participating in the sale and shared their gratitude to everyone who showed interest in WorldShards. 

Developers also promised to increase the availability of EA stage keys in the upcoming weeks, so more players can get the chance to explore the game as soon as February 26.

What is WorldShards?

WorldShards is a new life sim sandbox MMORPG set in a magical world of Murrlandia that is full of endless opportunities to build, craft, trade, communicate, socialize, and explore. Create your dream island paradise and journey through an exciting world!

Do whatever you want – Discover a fully immersive world with endless opportunities to build, craft, trade, communicate, socialize, and explore

Long-awaited MMORPG – Enjoy the freedom: find friends, set up a community of like-minded players, build guilds, conquer the world and uncover the world’s secrets!

Immersive sandbox – Build and customize your very own island: construct your dream house, establish farms and factories, gather resources, craft various items and upgrade weaponry. Shape and mold your own world according to your vision!

Player-driven economy – Engage in crafting, trading, and bartering with fellow players, offering everything you discover or create. Rise as a dominant force in a specific domain or establish yourself as a renowned entrepreneur.

Deep fantasy lore – The world of Murrlandia is full of adventures to uncover and stories to tell! In every corner of this immersive world, mysteries lie dormant, eagerly awaiting the brave and the curious to delve into their depths. 

Adorable Meowkles – It’s nice to know you have your furry friends around! Find and recruit these charming creatures as you travel the world, and fill your island with little fuzzy helpers.

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About Lowkick Games

Our team has gathered people with rich experience in creating high-grossing games. We bundled together to make a new game – a game that millions of players will love. We are result-oriented professionals, and we know how successful games are being made. 

We are not going to slow down, much less stop after the game’s release. Our project WorldShards is what we are going to dedicate the next years of our work in the game industry to. We are confident that we have everything we need to do this: the right people, a clear plan, and a vision for the project that surpasses anything we’ve ever done before.