WEBB AI quantitative aggregation platform Preparing to launch global individual investor business and actively expand the Asia-Pacific market

WEBB AI Quantitative is an innovative platform that focuses on applying cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to quantitative investment. It is jointly created by First Round Capital, Index Ventures, Silicon Valley Angel Investment Fund and Jiwei Capital. The cumulative investment scale of the venture capital fund exceeds US$20 million.

WEBB AI Quantitative uses AI and blockchain technology to innovate financial investment models. WEBB AI Quantitative Aggregation Platform is a global private business platform under (Webbcoin Trust). It has a US MSB digital currency license and issues WEBB tokens to fairly distribute profits and promote the sustainable development of the financial ecosystem.


WEBB AI Quant currently has a large number of members in Australia, Russia, Spain, Dubai, Taiwan, China and other regions, and is gradually building a global quantitative financial ecosystem.

Three main businesses

1. Cryptocurrency market arbitrage

2. Stock and foreign exchange market arbitrage

3. Precious metal market arbitrage   


In the past five years of research and development, WEBB AI Quant has been focusing on enterprise-level business, and will not be open to individual investors until May 2024. Behind this strategy is the company’s commitment to building the world’s top professional aggregation platform for AI intelligent trading prediction and copy trading, which has already achieved initial results.


WEBB AI Quantitative is committed to building a world-leading AI quantitative + blockchain financial ecosystem, welcoming the era of smart investment with investors, creating brilliance together, and writing a new chapter of wealth.

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