Renowned Bridge Strategist Reveals Revolutionary Bridge Bidding: The 2-Club “Asking For Points” Method, Promising To Redefine Strategic Play In Latest Book Release

Esteemed author and bridge enthusiast Dr. Gene L. Andrusco, Ph.D., introduces an innovative and groundbreaking approach to bridge bidding in his latest release, Bridge Bidding: The 2-Club Asking For Points Method.


In this comprehensive guide, Dr. Gene goes into the complexities of bridge strategy, offering a fresh perspective on the widely recognized Strong 2-Club convention. He unveils the intricacies of the “Asking For Points” bidding process through meticulous analysis and strategic insights, paired with the Gerber convention for pursuing slam possibilities.


Dr. Gene, a seasoned authority in the world of bridge, challenges traditional bidding methods, presenting an alternative that promises to enhance players’ tactical prowess. His method, crafted from years of experience and astute observation, aims to revolutionize how bridge enthusiasts approach their game, encouraging a deeper understanding of partnerships and precision bidding.


Bridge Bidding by Gene L. Andrusco is a guide that offers a roadmap to strategic excellence, offering readers a unique opportunity to expand their repertoire and elevate their game. Dr. Gene’s expertise and lucid explanations make this book an indispensable addition to the library of any serious bridge player.


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About the Author

Gene L. Andrusco, an avid Bridge enthusiast, thrives on the intricacies of strategic bidding. While not a professional player, Gene mirrors the sentiments shared by millions worldwide, reveling in the complexities and challenges intrinsic to adept Bridge bidding.