Overseas Chinese Gavin Lee Collaborates on Debut of New Song “Dragon Ruling the World

On the 4th February 2024, Mando-pop song 《Dragon goes world》 “Dragons soar the World” was released globally! Singer Gavin Lee, known in Chinese as Jiawen Li , wrote and composed this Chinese-style song to express his sincere blessings for the arrival of the Year of the Dragon.

Let us experience Gavin’s passion embedded in the song!


Gavin Lee is an Australian-born Chinese artist with a warm and lively personality. Since a young age, he’s had a passionate for music and a curiosity for his Chinese heritage.Dragon goes world is the culmination of these, being written from the perspective of an overseas born Chinese Australian. The song is grand and features classical elements of Chinese music, yet is modernized for the 21st century.

The uniqueness of the song comes from Gavin’s perspective as a cross-culture individual. He seeks to resonate with and sing the experiences of cross culture Chinese individuals globally. 

The song is centred around the dragon, which represent the Chinese people and people with Chinese backgrounds striving to forge their own lives. It alludes to the challenges and opportunities they face, along with the yearning to be in touch with their cultural roots. Additionally, Gavin pays tribute to China’s rich history, art and significant monuments established through millenniums.


“Soar, oh soar, across the world” 

”Chinese people will continue to forge a way forward”

“Dragons soar across the world with their homeland in mind”

”Sing, oh sing, sing your hearts out”

“Echo the radiance of Huaxia ”

“Dragons soar across the world with their dreams”

”Never to forget our Chinese bloodline”

The lyrics of “Dragon goes world” also depict descendants of the dragon “dragon heirs” or the next generation of Chinese people, giving a more tangible representation to the concept of the “dragon.” The song incorporates traditional Chinese instruments like bamboo flutes and Chinese drums, and uses the pentatonic scale synonymous to Chinese music, blending them with modern pop arrangement technique. The fusion of these elements portrays the pride Gavin has for Chinese culture while modernizing recognizable elements for a global 21st century audience.

On February 4th, Gavin Lee’s song “Dragon goes world” premiered online, reaching over 40 million streams on Chinese platforms in the first week and ranked third for most searched songs on qq music during the spring festival. Gavin’s Dragon goes world was selected to be sung at multiple Chinese New Year Gala’s which will gradually be released during the Chinese New Year period. As the new year begins, dragon heirs like Gavin Lee wish everyone a happy new year and continuous good fortune.

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