B2BinPay v19 Comes with Instant Swaps and More Blockchains

B2BinPay has released V19 of its platform, offering a range of new features with a special focus on instant swaps and additional blockchain support. Let’s take a look at the update in more detail.

Instant Swaps and Competitive Price Model with VWAP 

Swap is a popular method for managing cryptocurrency assets, allowing direct transactions between different assets without relying on order books. 

B2BinPay has implemented the Volume-Weighted Average Price tool (VWAP) to make swaps more client-focused, selecting the best price from various centralised exchanges based on transaction volume. This eliminates the need for clients to compare prices across different exchanges themselves, as the company will do it for them, ensuring the most favourable rates for swaps. 

Additionally, swaps eliminate two blockchain commission costs for clients: transaction to the centralised exchange and transaction from the exchange to the B2BinPay wallet, providing greater flexibility and affordability in handling virtual assets.

The Swaps area is conveniently accessible via its own tab on the front-end menu.

Seamless Transactions and Zero-Commission Top-Ups

B2BinPay offers a simplified swap wallet top-up process customised to different user types. Thus, the owners of digital wallets will benefit from instant fund transfers, while the holders of blockchain wallets will have transparent and secure on-chain transactions through blockchain recording. 

Users can top up swap wallets from B2BinPay accounts without any commission, but blockchain wallets will charge a commission for on-chain transactions. Also, to ensure efficiency, all top-ups must be made in the wallet’s currency. 

Introduction of Polygon and Avalanche Blockchains

Avalanche and Polygon are widely used blockchains that are famous for their remarkable characteristics. Avalanche offers swift transaction processing and high throughput, and Polygon is known for its scalability and low transaction fees. 

B2BinPay adds the support of these two popular blockchains in the V19 release, enabling users to transact such well-known stablecoins as USDT, USDC, DAI, FRAX, TUSD, and EUROC on these leading networks and enjoy cheap and quick transactions.  

Final Takeaway

B2BinPay is a one-stop solution for crypto processing due to its constant platform improvements and dedication to technology and innovations. Version 19 offers clients more flexibility in settling in their chosen currency with digital wallets, accessing various blockchains and cryptocurrencies through blockchain wallets, and making instant exchanges with swap wallets. 

The company is also working on reducing fees to make services even more accessible. This is part of their ongoing efforts to adapt to the needs of the community and industry.